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Finvasia offers a lifetime Zero Brokerage trading services across all the segments on NSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEX.

Zero Cost Demat & Trading Account

Open a free demat and trading account in just a few minutes with us

Zero Brokerage Charges

Save 100% of your commission charges with our NO brokerage ecosystem

Zero AMC Charges

Enjoy absolutely zero annual maintenance charges on your trading account

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Zero Clearing Service Charges

Access the trusted and technologically sound clearing services at no cost

Zero Softaware Charges

Trade on the various platforms like Scalpert, BEST & NOW without paying anything extra

Zero GST on Brokerage

As the brokerage is Zero, you get to save GST on brokerage as well

I am doing trading in Finvasia, I can say One of the all time Best Discount Broker in India which support( IPO, MUTUAL FUNDS free of cost)

...Sulabh Jain

One Account. All Exchanges

zero brokerage trading account in India

SEBI approved Single trading account

zero brokerage trading

Share your margin across NSE, BSE, MCX & NCDEX

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Diversify your portfolio more efficiently

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Multiple asset classes in one account

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Most Advanced Trading Platforms

  • ScalperT
  • NEST
  • Fox Trader
  • NOW

Finvasia offers highly advanced trading softwares to enhance your experience. You can access various Technical, Fundamental, Statistical analysis across all the trading instruments

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Finvasia is India’s first fintech company that started offering zero brokerage investment plans for all segments and in all exchanges. Our idea behind offering zero brokerage is very simple. If you don’t pay to use Whatsapp, Facebook or Gmail, then why should you pay to trade, when essentially all this is Internet enabled service dependent on servers exchanging information amongst themselves. When we use Email, Facebook and/or Whatsapp, we do not pay anything to exchange emails or to get our messages delivered. Because, all it takes for Whatsapp or Facebook to deliver our messages is “Data-Packet” (in plain English: internet connection bandwidth). And this is exactly how trading works, when you buy or sell a stock or future or any other financial instrument all you consume is a data-packet between broker’s server and exchange server.

And Finvasia has gone leaps and bounds to ensure that there is NO cost to the trader. We DO NOT charge brokerage, nor do we charge any clearing fees or hidden charges. All you have to pay is government charges to trade with us.